My Funny Valentine + Sale

After so many Valentine products lately I thought it was time to switch gears. As Bad Santa says,  “they can’t all be good ones now- can they?!” Fun font, for when you’re just not feelin’ the love. Best of all – it’s free for you to download. Yay! Loaded with 98 glyphs … make sure to pull out your character map with this funny font! Personal use on this one.

Both of my shops have also been updated with TONS of CU wood textures. 84 unique real wood scans for a realistic and rugged look. Right now I do not want to see another piece of wood again. lol

But wait. That’s not all. I am having a Valentine’s Day sale! 40% off in both my shops thru Sunday.

Happy Valentines Day!
Rhonda 🙂

Anti Valentines Font i.e. My Funny Valentine

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Anti Valentines Download

The Big Woods Mega

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Those “Anti-Valentines” candies are hilarious! Love them! Thank you so much!

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