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Personal Use

© 2006-2016 by Eyeinspire/Rhonda Tonkinson All Rights Reserved


Eyeinspire/Rhonda Tonkinson retains and reserves the right to modify, update and change the Terms of Use for all digital designs at anytime with or without notice.

These graphics have been made by Eyeinspire. The items are designed for your personal use and may not be used in any commercial way without first contacting me and discussing the terms.


COPYRIGHT POLICY: All copyrights to elements, graphics, and kits created by Eyeinspire are retained by the original creator of the layout/kit/CD. All graphic images are copyrighted Eyeinspire with all rights reserved. Graphic images are for personal use only. No other use is hereby authorized. All materials designed by Eyeinspire including but not limited to images and text, are protected by copyright under U.S. copyright law, international conventions, and other copyright laws. You cannot use the content except as specified herein. You agree to follow all instructions within these terms and are limited to the way you may use the content. Graphics are S4H/S4O friendly within the following guidelines.


YOU MAY: Alter these images to fit your personal scrapbooking needs, including resizing, recoloring and cropping as long as credit is given to the designer. If you use these graphics in a layout submitted to an online gallery, magazine or other publication you must give credit to: {Kit Name} by Eyeinspire. Use the purchased product to create scrapbook pages or layouts for your own personal use or to give as gifts providing they are in a flattened .jpg or .png format. Use the purchased product to create projects or layouts for a single client(S4H/S4O) as long as all images are flattened in .jpg or .png format before providing them to a third party. Each client must purchase every product that is used.


YOU MAY NOT: Offer these items in any other graphics collection, on a website, or individually, either for sale or free, create a competing product from them to sell or redistribute, and are not allowed to trade or share this kit. You may not add to or distort, alter or re-colour any graphic and claim them as your own.

You may not make any graphics into tubes or brushes and redistribute them in any way. Make quickpages or templates from my designs and offer them for sale or free under any circumstances. Use one product for multiple S4H/S4O projects. Each client must purchase every product that is used. Use my designs for the purpose of web design or web templates. If you are interested in this type of use either commercially as a web designer or personally for your own blog, please contact me directly to discuss the proper licensing and/or request permission. Re-distribute/share/sell any of my designs in any way on print on demand sites such as Snapfish, Cafe Press, Zazzle, etc. Do not use these images for obscene, defamatory, or immoral works or for any other purpose that is prohibited by law.


TEMPLATE/QUICKPAGE USE: You may not use templates or premade pages for publication or call them your own works. Please credit them as a template or premade page and provide the proper credit to Eyeinspire.


Unauthorized Use: It is illegal to reproduce or distribute copyrighted material without the permission of Eyeinspire. Accessing the images and text provided on within this kit does not give you any rights to use them without the permission of the Copyright owner, Eyeinspire. CONTACT INFO: Email: rhonda@eyeinspire.com Website: http://www.eyeinspire.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EyeinspireInternational/


You may use up to 40% of my products in your digital scrapbooking kits, paper packs & element add-on packs. 
Layer styles can not be applied on a full 12x12 paper in its original form it. They can be used to make papers but be get creative with them. 
Do not make things to resell as commercial use to others. Do not redistribute as is or as a set. 
This license is for small businesses only and not paper scrapbooking companies, that would require different licensing If you do not understand this than please contact me. 
Credit not required but appreciated. 
Other than that have fun!
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